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Origin Author Add Time2015-04-27
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  Now many people in the outdoors hiking, do not use a cane when climbing, this is actually a big misunderstanding.
1- protect the knee
    According to the analysis of sports medicine, the human knee bent at an angle of 135 degrees or so when the knee is the largest force, when is the most vulnerable to injury. So outdoors, especially when traveling more than 30 degrees pathway and stairs road, you can maximize the use of crutches
To save energy and protect the knee. Otherwise, after the old on. . . Hehe
2- respond sprain status
   Frequently encountered in the wild walk ankle and knee sprains, then be sure to stop and rest, using a fixed dressing, cold pain, inflammation. At the same time must not be forced to continue the walk, after proper rest, with two crutches, try not to let leg force,
Slow descent. Many minor sprain because they did not receive timely protection after injury and develop into permanent damage.
How to correctly use crutches
First, adjust the length of the stick
    Generally five have two type of cane can be adjusted, beginning the first full unscrew crutches.
   The bottom of the strut to the maximum limit of the length of the stretch, crutches above all the scale reference.
    Walking stick to adjust the length of the plane stood on crutches, arms fall naturally to the elbow as a fulcrum to move onto the forearm with the arm 90. And then adjust down to the tip of a stick touches the ground; or underarm crutch head into 5-8 cm, and then the rod tip down to the tune
Until the whole ground-contacting.
The crutches strut all locked. Yet another adjustment crutch crutch than locking length can be adjusted to the same length.
    When adjusting the crutch crutches should not exceed the maximum adjust the length of the show, at the time of purchase crutches can do first length to determine whether to buy the right to adjust the length of the crutches.
Second, the use of wristbands
    Most people are clinging to the handle when using crutches crutches force, that the role of the strap just let crutches would not leave his wrist only, if you think so, then you are wrong, wristbands important But as much of a crutch own strength
     When we use crutches downhill, crutches are exposed to the impact of the strap should be conducted on our arms; in the uphill, arms thrust generated by crutch strap spread uphill help, so we wrist strap through the strap should not be directly from the
Grasp the handle side into it, but it should take up the wristband, wristbands penetration from below the belt pressed into our hands, and then gently grab handle to [See drawings] through the wrist to bring support crutch rather than clinging to grip force. If there
Buckle, do a little adjustment, remember not to affect the operation of crutches.
Third, the crutch of operation
    The following describes the general use of the normal mode of operation crutches, but is not the only mode of operation, you can be slightly adjusted after the actual operation, to find their own way, so as to make full use of the benefits of crutches.
Plains and gentle uphill
    Usually taken just like walking the same rhythm, right arm in his left foot forward at the same time take advantage of the stick forward with, but do not exceed the rod tip in front of the body, then push back against the ground, his left hand with his right hand to do the same action interactivity.
Relatively steep incline
    Action and the usual walk, but the arm crutches to move forward on the front of the body position, use crutches to support the body up, to relieve pressure on the legs, when necessary, can simultaneously use two crutches to do to climb the action, pushing When the body up, palms
Can be placed on top of the crutch to strengthen the power of push.
    Because of the relatively large impact downhill, this time we should use crutches to ease the load on the legs, so stick position must be placed in front of the body, and must be significantly better than the forefoot to achieve the effect of power-sharing, therefore the body will tilt forward, which
An action is not our natural downhill action, so they need regular exercise, while crutches feel how far you want to put the position in order to achieve the effect of slowing the leg pressure, and does not slow down the pace and rhythm of the original travel. When necessary, can be lengthened crutches
Length, entirely based on personal feelings do the adjustment.
    The use of crutches is to reduce pressure on the legs, and then continued to increase overall body endurance, so use the above method is not necessarily for everyone, as long as you can find other ways to achieve the same effect, but does not cause the body any
Injury, make a change anyway. The method is alive, in good health is the most important.

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